I see the essence of tension in my work as an expression of an imaginative thriller aesthetic that can be thought of as ‘unseen’ energy which accumulates and implies a ‘revealing’ from the ‘unseen’ to the ‘seen’ and whereby composition, becomes a profound passion that generates tension through a unique fusion of personal Macedonian-Australian experiences.

In my music there is a sense of viciousness, excitement and kinetic quality that is built on dissonant harmonies and contrasted with eccentric ideas and convulsive rhythms which exploit multi-media elements with a visual cyclic sound process that enriches my sonic creativity.

Through my music I aim to create a sense of musical tension that is viewed through  an imaginative thriller aesthetic lens and expanded and united through a Macedonian-Australian cross-cultural heritage with elements that of film music orientated eclecticism (especially drawing on Bernard Herrmann and Michael Giacchino), Macedonian folk music principles, and image-fractured sound juxtapositions.

Show Reel 


Show Reel 2

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