Pelister Blues

for violin, and piano (2019)


for violin, and piano (2019)

Duration 4.58″

Ohridska Rapsodija

for violin, and piano (2019)

Duration 5.20″

Skopsko Tango

for violin, and piano (2018)

Duration 4.00″

Galicica Horizon

for violin and piano

Rascvetena Igra

for violin and piano (2018 – 2019)

Duration 4.32″

Ednas Mnogu Odamna 

for violin, and piano (2018)

Duration 6.00″

BTIM School of Music

for piano, and vocals (2018)

Lyrics by Petar Jovanov

Duration 2.53″

Letna Bossa

for violin, and piano (2018)

Duration 3.40″


for kaval (Eastern European flute), and piano (2018)

Duration 5.54″

Timelessness of Trees 

for piano, brass, strings, harp, celeste, percussion (2018)

Duration 6.11″

Zlatna Pocva

for trumpet, violin, piano, and percussion (2018)


Duration 6.00″


for violin, piano, and percussion (2017)


Duration 4.30″

In the Presence of Sound

for Taegum (Korean flute) and percussion (2017)

temple blocks, tiger gong, windchimes, Buk, (Korean drum), and crotales

Duration 10.00″

Midnight Harvest

for piano (2016)

Duration 8.00″


for violin and cello (2015)

Duration 5.00″

As My Imagination Runs Wild 

for string quartet (2015)

Violin, viola, cello, double-bass; duration 15′-16’00”

Moving On

Found sounds and sampled FX (2014)

Strange Ways

for three percussionists  (2013)

Vibraphone, glockenspiel, tam-tam, frame drum, bongos; duration 10’00”

Macedonian Nightclub

for kaval (traditional Macedonian flute), tenor saxophone,  piano, cello, and drum kit (2011)

duration 14’00”


for clarinet and piano (2011)

duration 5′ 20”

Sinister Beauty

for an octet (2011)

Oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn in F, violin, viola, cello, double bass; duration 7’00”

The Uzunoski Suite 

for clarinet, piano, and percussion (2009)

clarinet, piano, 1 percussionist: marimba, (bowed marimba), tambourine, bongos, tapan, (Macedonian double-sided frame drum); duration 25′ 00”