‘Rebirth (2019)

for violin, and cello

Programme Notes 

‘Rebirth’ is a duet for violin and cello. The music interplays with the original tempo through the use of ritardando. With the gradual decrease in tempo, concentration and focus are required by the string players so that they play in time and in sync. The music is predominately based in the time signature of 4/4, and transitions into an additive 7/8 meter. The title of the piece derives its name from this 7/8 section, therefore, the music takes off melodically in a flurry of lyricism that is underpinned with a counter-melody by the cello. The 4/4 section in a metaphorical way represents struggle between the two instruments therefore they consistently have to be in time and sync – a type of struggle in which a balance needs to be created. However, in the 7/8 section, the music in a way is reborn therefore it takes on a free and unrestricted trajectory in contrast to the first section. The melodic lines complement each other in a playful way that feels unrestricted and independent.


Score example


Performance History

‘Rebirth’ was performed in December 2019 at the DMBUC”Ilija Nikolovski-Luj”High School of music in Skopje.