Music as a Career Path –  Presentation at Santa Sophia College 26 May 2021

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Career Presentation and Performance at Westfields Sports High School Q & A  4 May 2021         


Digital Makers Space – Creative Development Program for Emerging Western Sydney digital artists/designers.

Nepean News

Nepean News Newspaper April 2018

Review of ‘One Day in Bitola’ by Colin Clarke from Fanfare Magazine. 


Falanga News–mladiot-makedonec-od-avstralija-gi-sovladuva-avstralijanite-so-negovite-muzichki-dela

‘Creative Explosion’ Festival 2009

31st Asian Composers League Festival 2013

Melbourne Composers League Western Prospects Concert : Creativity Unlimited Festival 2017

Creativity Unlimited Festival 2017

Articles By Petar Jovanov

Silence As Tension: Three different types of tension generated in the Water Vessel filmscore.

Reinventing Film Composition as Personal Identity.

Balkan and Popular-Classical Music Hollywood Styles as a Transnational Flexibility Aesthetic for Film-music.

(PDF) Balkan and Popular-Classical Hollywood Styles as a Transnational Flexibility Aesthetic for Film-Music | Petar Jovanov –