May 2016 – Composition Midnight Harvest (2016) Completed.

July 2016  – Attending the Summer Composition Intensive at Saint Mary’s College where I will be joining 15 other highly motivated composers as they develop and expand their compositional toolboxes and ways of thinking about the enterprise of composition.

September 2016 – Midnight Harvest (2016) will have its world premiere at the ‘Creativity Unlimited Music Festival’ 2016  which will be held at Western Sydney University. The piece will be performed by Australian pianist Michael Kieran Harvey.

November 2016 – Four-week residency at the ‘Kimmel Harding Nelson’ Center for the Arts. A total of 243 applicants applied for this session and only 38 applicants across all disciplines were awarded a residency. At this artist residency I will be composing and orchestrating my piece One Day in Bitola for orchestra.

November  1- 21 2016  – Composition One Day in Bitola (2016)  Completed.

December 2016 – Yearning (2015) for violin and cello has been selected by RMN Classical for inclusion in the upcoming album release titled “Contemporary Collection vol.4″

February 2017 – One Day in Bitola (2016) for orchestra has been selected by ABLAZE Records to be recorded in June 2017 by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra in the Czech Republic. The composition will be included on the latest album Orchestral Masters Volume 5.

April 2017 – Koren (2017) for violin and piano was specifically composed for my close friend and colleague Zoran Dzorlev for his concert that will mark 40 years of his career. The concert will take place at the Macedonian, Opera, and Ballet (MOB) on the 13 December 2017.

June 2017 – In the Presence of Sound (2017) for Korean flute (Taegum), and percussion will be performed at the ‘Creativity Unlimited Music Festival’ 2017 which will be held at Western Sydney University. The piece will be played by the virtuoso Dr. Hyelim Kim, and leading Australian percussionist Claire Edwardes on the 10 August 2017.

August 2017 – Awarded a placement within the DiG Space mentorship and residency program for February 2018. This is a professional development program for emerging Western Sydney artists and designers. The program will consist of a collaboration with fellow creatives from Screen/Multimedia, Music Composers/Musicians, Graphic Designers, and a Filmmaker.

September 2017 – Accepted to present a research paper at the Research on Contemporary Composition Conference (ROCC) 2017 at the University of North Georgia.

December 2017 – ‘Koren’ was performed at maestro Zoran Dzorlev’s 40th-anniversary jubilee concert which was held at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MOB) in Skopje.

January 2018 – Zlatna Pocva (2018) for trumpet, violin, piano, percussion completed. This is the second of thirteen compositions. The series will consist of thirteen pieces that are expected to be completed by August 2019.

February 2018 – Collaboration with DIG Creatives and the Penrith City Council – Creative Development Program.

February 2018 – Accepted as an Associate Artist with the Australian Music Centre (AMC).

April 2018 – Accepted into the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium (OBFCS) “New Sound Worlds”

May 2018 – Composition ‘Ednas Mnogu Odamna’ for violin, piano completed.

June 2018 – Grant awarded by Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA).

July 2018 – Letna Bossa (2018) for violin, and piano.

October 2018 – Commissioned to write a song for the school  ‘Beyond Institute of Talent Music.’ The song is titled ‘BTIM School of Music.’

December 2018 – Composition ‘Skopsko Tango’ for violin, and piano completed.

January 2019 – ‘Ohridska Rapsodija’ for violin, and piano completed.

February 2019 – ‘Rascvetena Igra’ for violin, and piano completed.

March 2019 – ‘Galicica Horizon’ completed.

March 2019 – ‘Besnilo’ completed.

April 2019 – ‘Midnight Harvest’ (2016) for piano performed by pianist Lauma Skride at the ‘Days of Macedonian Music Festival’ in Skopje, at the ‘Museum of Macedonian Battle.’

July 2019 – ‘Bitolsko Pajdusko’ completed.

July 2019 – ‘Healing’ completed.

July 2019 – ‘Shumska Prosetka’ completed.

September 2019 – ‘Elz’ Theme completed.

October 2019 – ‘Rebirth’ (Preroduvanje) completed.

November 2019 – ‘Svijok’ completed.

February 2020 – ‘Love Conquers’ for orchestra completed

March 2020 – ‘Luna’s theme’ completed

April 2020 – ‘Cudesno Volsebna’ completed

April 2020 – ‘Zivotna Bajka’ completed

July 2020 – ‘Sveta Zemja”

December 2020 – ‘Blossom’ in progress

January 2021 – ‘Goodbye’ in progress

May 2021 – ‘Solar Dance’ completed

July 2021 – ‘Iskra completed

December 2021 – RMN Record Label commissioned to write a new composition for upcoming album compilation.

December 2021 – ‘Enchantment’ completed.

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