Shumska Prosetka Details

Shumska Prosetka (2019)

‘Shumska Prosetka’ simply translates to ‘Forest Walk.’ The melody attempts to symbolize a pleasant walk through forest that is bathed in the shade and sounds of the natural environment. The music does not literally try to represent the sounds of the environment, rather, the theme expressed is through lyrical melodies played by the piano and violin.   This theme is also developed rhythmically through the employment of additive time signatures.  For example this is evident in bars 1-3  in the time signature 7/8, the grouping is manipulated from 3+2+2, to, 2+2+3, and back to 3+2+2. The intention behind this rhythmic design is to create unpredictability, however, simultaneously not to disrupt the melodic flow. In a metaphorical sense, throwing stones in a fast flowing river will cause ripples, but it will not disturb the overall design.

Score Excerpt Sumska p.1


Photo by Petar Jovanov