Enchantment Details

‘Enchantment’ (2021) for Bb Clarinet, and Piano

Program Notes

‘Enchantment’ is a piece written for Bb clarinet and piano. The music predominantly operates in a 7/8 meter that interjects with 4/4 meters to disrupt the steady flow and momentum, to create interest complemented by tonal modulation. The melodic and harmonic material derives from Macedonian Folk music and program music. The intention is to tell a story taking the listener on an ambient journey. The listening experience is open to the listener’s imagination. The title originates from the composer’s personal listening experience. Ascending and descending passages played by the clarinet with the resonant chords produced by the piano create the impression of enchantment – a journey that captivates the senses and takes one on an adventure that has subtle, moving, and delicate aural moments that serve as a point of departure and feed the imagination.

Score Sample