Svijok details

Svijok (2019)

for string quartet

Duration 6 -7 minutes

Program Note

The word ‘Svijok’ in Macedonian translates to winding or swirling. In the context of this composition, the music sonically winds, swirls and soars through the use of luscious lyrical melodies. The harmonies in the low strings employ tremolo passages that create a sense of winding or circling that further emphasises the concept of swirling. This is  intensified through the use of changing additive meters that of 7/8, 11/8, 5/8, and 12/8. These meters are employed in a subtle way to disrupt the undulating rhythmic flow, hence giving the piece an understated unpredictability.  The music also draws on film music elements that are part of my compositional palette. In this musical context, the music attempts to convey a message of love, passion, pain, protection, trust, resilience, and willpower to overcome even the most arduous and difficult moments that we endure in life. No matter what hardships come our way in the swirl of life, we need to persevere and carry on so that we can become better individuals and learn from each and every new experience.


Score Excerpt 


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