Riverbank details

Riverbank (2018) for kaval (Eastern European flute), and piano

Program Note

Riverbank is a piece of music that was inspired by the Nepean river in Penrith, Western Sydney. After embarking on a soundwalk along the Nepean river, the composer was inspired by the natural sounds of the bellbirds, the cicadas, the ducks, the water, and by the riverbank.  In an attempt to capture these sonic elements through the piano’s timbres, the composer implemented rhythmic gestures intertwined with clusters that are accelerated to symbolise the loud song created by the cicadas by vibrating drumlike tymbals rapidly. Out of this sonic organicism the trajectory of the music develops into a more melodic section that is rhythmically challenged with additive meters. This additive gracefulness is premature therefore it is juxtaposed with organic clusters derived from the first section. Through the chosen sonic palette and through his own artistic lens, the composer’s intention is to convey the natural and organic sounds that exist by the Nepean riverbank.

The Nepean River Penrith: Riverbank


Score Excerpt


© Petar Jovanov ‘Riverbank’ – (Bars 1-5). Alternating accelerated clusters on piano made up of major 2nd, and minor 3rd intervals used to symbolise cicadas.


Performance History 

Riverbank was premiered on the 25th May 2018 at the Joan Sutherland Centre for the Arts in Penrith. The piece was also performed on 7 June 2018 at the CAPOW Concert which was held at the PlayHouse Western Sydney University.