Skopsko Tango Details

‘Skopsko Tango’ (2018)

‘Skopsko Tango’ is written for violin, and piano. The title ‘Skopsko Tango’ translates to ‘Skopje Tango.’ Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia. The music attempts to portray the lively, and busy enviroment that is part of everyday life in ‘Skopje.’ Upon visiting Skopje, the quotidian atmosphere, and tempo of the capital city felt like a Tango that was intertwined in the fabric of everyday life. The music operates with additive time-signatures that shift in a smooth manner, yet the tango style is always present in the rhythm.

Score Excerpt


© Petar Jovanov, 2018 ‘Skopsko Tango’ (bars 1-11) – tango rhythmic feel in the piano harmony, and lyrical melody in violin. Interjection with compound meters 3/8, and 6/8 meters – first appearance of changing time signatures.