Rascvetena Igra Details

Rascvetena Igra (2018-2019)

for violin, and piano.

‘Rascvetena Igra’ translates to ‘Blossom Dance.’ The piece was inspired by the beauty of the Macedonian landscapes in the season of spring. As the flowers and leaves blossom in the country side, and as the winter season comes to an end.  The insects, bees,  birds, and other animals prepare and come out of their hibernation collecting nectar, laying their eggs, building their nests, and starting the new cycle for the year and for their young.  The music through its fast paced rhythm and sixteenth note values,  attempts to paint a picture of spring and the busyness that comes with it as all the creatures start their daily tasks. It also attempts to highlight the delicate and fragile world of nature through the textural changes and lyrical melodies that are embedded throughout the piece. The piece is in ternary form and employs additive time signatures.

Score Excerpt


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