Ohridska Rapsodija Details

‘Ohridska Rapsodija’ (2019)

for violin, and piano.

‘Ohridska Rapsodija’ was inspired by the city of Ohrid. The beautiful lake Ohrid with its crystal waters, and the old part of Ohrid that presents magnificent architecture are some of the inspirational factors which contributed to this piece. The old part of the city is unique for its cobblestone streets, old wooden doors, small narrow passages, ancient churches, monasteries,  the amphitheater and the stunning views which stimulated my imagination. The music attempts to capture the spirit of Ohrid in the form of a Rhapsody. On a macro level,  it works with asymmetric meters that change and operate in a form that is intrinsically designed to flow smoothly, and transition between the different meters, thus appearing unified, and unnoticeable to the aural senses.

Score Excerpt

Ohridska Rapsodija P.1