Yearning Details


for violin and cello.

duration 5.00″

Audio sample of ‘Yearning’

Program Note

‘Yearning’ (2015) draws on string techniques such as col legno for percussive effects, string harmonics, and pizzicato with frenetic rhythmic motifs. The first section expresses a mechanical interpretation while the second section, draws on a more organic approach. It implies that when are deeply involved with our work, we function in a systematic way like robots, unthinkingly, automatically. Yet when emotion overwhelms us, we yearn for our home, birthplace, family etc.


Recording/Performance History

‘Yearning’ was recorded by RMN Classical music label. It was performed by C. M. Rizzi, and E. Ranieri at Studio Cultura e Musica g. Curci (Italy). It was Mixed by N. Monopoli, D. Wang and produced by R. Romano.