Improvisation with a Macedonian spin details

Improvisation with a Macedonian Spin (2010)

for piano, saxophone, kaval, voice, percussion

Programme Notes

This improvisation will consist of three sections.

Section A will be made up free improvisational techniques with call and response between the piano and saxophone with some instances of darabuka and vocal droning.

Performer 1  – Inside the piano, random, notes. When the Esus chord is heard the vocal droning commences, slight darabuka nuances.

Performer 2  – Key clicks, air sounds, detached mouthpiece, screechy sounds, vocal droning.

Vocal droning leads to section B.

Section B will evolve out of section A.  Droning will continue between the piano and vocals with the addition of expressive melodic fragments and the introduction of the kaval. The darabuka and the tambourine will come in for a brief moment and introduce a rhythmic section. The piano and kaval will return playing with this rhythm that will lead to section C.

Performer 1: Kaval – Light melodic fragments accompanied by piano.

Tambourine – Introduces melodic section while performer 2 is on darabuka, then switch back to kaval.   

Performer 2:  

Piano – Plays chords working with Esus on piano, drones on piano while kaval plays light fragments.

Darabuka – Darabuka rhythm

Perfomer 1 moves to the piano playing kaval while performer 2 moves away from piano while playing darabuka. Performer 2 Puts the darabuka down and picks up sax. Performer 1 drones on piano initiates Section C.

Section C Consists of rhythm and melody between the piano, and saxophone. The saxophone will improvise and the piano will imitate certain motifs with interruptions of darabuka.






9/8 for 3 bars 4th bar in 7/8 short ascending passage

Played twice.



Call and response motifs imitation between piano and sax for 16 bars

8 bars of sax calling, 8 bars of piano responding

8 bars of piano calling, 8 bars of sax responding

Performer 2 into sax solo.

Back to A



End on unsuspected note then air tone on sax on sax and glissando inside piano.

Total Duration: 10 Minutes

Performance History

This piece was performed on October 28, 2010 at the Western University Performance Space during the Composers and Performers Out West (CAPOW) concert.

Performers: Petar Jovanov, and Goran Micevski.