Lunas Theme details

’Lunas Theme’ (2020)

for piano

 Program Notes

‘Lunas Theme’ was inspired by a beautiful and lively husky pet dog named Luna that the composer was fortunate to be acquainted with in January 2020. Luna is a medium-sized white and grey dog that has a wild-like temperament. She possesses clever, energetic, curious, sharp-witted, and sometimes stubborn-like characteristics which left a positive and everlasting impression on the composer. This music is a homage to Luna which attempts to capture and express her behavioral habits through the essence of the piano. The melodic theme embraces valiant and courageous-like sounding qualities. It is repeated several times with subtle variations and accelerated tempo to depict Luna’s energy and liveliness. Chordal clusters in the low piano register attempt to portray Luna’s growls and intransigent personality when she is determined to have something her way.


Score Example 

Luna's Theme P1


Luna Picture

Luna – monochrome photo/drawing of the husky dog