As My Imagination Runs Wild

Program Note

As the title of the work suggests, ‘As My Imagination Runs Wild’ draws on various special string techniques that I wanted to explore imaginatively. My compositional aesthetic operates with the idea of thriller. In saying that, my intention was to portray this idea of the thriller or tension through the use of different string techniques such as col legno, scratch-tone, sul ponticello, playing behind the bridge, pizzicato tremolo, pizzicato glissandi, varied vibrato speeds and circular bowing. This is combined with rhythmic consistencies and inconsistencies that draw on chromaticism and harmonies working with minor-major seventh chords and low droning notes made up of natural harmonics and circular bowing to heighten the tension factor.


Excerpt Score

Page One String Quartet

© Petar Jovanov ‘As My Imagination Runs Wild –  (Bars 1-12) – Use of Con Sord, and Sulponticello in tandem with dynamic swelling, and tremolo.

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