Solar Dance Details

‘Solar Dance (2021) for piano.

Program Note

‘Solar Dance’ (2021) is a piece of music that is inspired by the sun. Solar flares are sudden bursts of energy radiation on the suns surface. These flares erupt outwards into space releasing vast amounts of energy. On close observation, after erupting into space they appear as to be dancing, or having a dancelike quality until they disappear.  The rhythm is made up altering addictive meters such as 5/8, 7/8, and 6/8 which are influenced from traditional Macedonian Folk music.  In line with this graceful rhythmic nature, minor and major seventh chords oscillate creating a warm and glowy texture. A distinct melodic line drives the piece until section B in 6/8. Swirling harmonies are interjected with a fast passage that descends into a dance quality. From a metaphorical lens, this captures the essence of the solar flares as they erupt and dissipate into outer space.

Score Excerpt

© Petar Jovanov – (Bars 1-25) oscillating minor and major harmonies operating with lyrical melody moving across changing time signatures.